Invest in Santa Marta is the Investment Promotion Agency of Santa Marta and the Department of Magdalena. Our mission is the promotion, attraction and facilitation of national and foreign direct investment of companies that can find higher levels of competitiveness in the region and contribute to its economic and social development.

All our services are free and confidential.

We provide support to investors:

● General and sectoral information.
● Tailor-made agendas for potential investors.
● Support for location of facilities (lots, warehouses, offices)
● Facilitation of procedures.
● Relationship with public and private entities.
● Support in personnel selection and recruitment strategy.
● Accompaniment in the process of installation of human talent: housing, school, etc.
● Contact with potential suppliers and business partners.
● Spaces for relationships with companies in the region.

Learn about the Decree establishing tax incentives in Santa Marta 

Quality of life in Santa Marta

The city ranks as the second in the country in terms of connectivity, fourth in coverage of high-quality accredited higher education institutions, ninth in terms of business dynamics and business environment, and second in terms of sophistication and diversification in the Caribbean Region.

It has the lowest repetition rate (2.1%) in the Caribbean Region, and it is the second city with the lowest student dropout rate (1.7%).

For the last rolling quarter, it ranked as the second capital city in the Caribbean region with the lowest unemployment rate (11.3%).

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