The impact of events and congresses in Santa Marta on the local economy

Santa Marta is not only known for its beaches and rich cultural history but also for its growing reputation as a destination for meetings and congresses. Events like the 25th edition of the Colombian Congress of Pediatric Surgery have showcased the city’s capacity to host high-level gatherings.

In addition to its impact on the academic and professional spheres, the Colombian Congress of Pediatric Surgery also generated significant economic benefits. Estimates suggest that the event contributed approximately $1,560,000,000 COP to the local economy, highlighting its importance not only in terms of medical advancements but also as an engine of economic development in the region.

One of the main reasons Santa Marta stands out as a destination for these types of events is its infrastructure. The city boasts a renovated convention center and hotels that offer first-class facilities and services to meet the needs of any meeting or congress.

The Colombian Congress of Pediatric Surgery attracted attendees from countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, El Salvador, and Spain, underscoring the event’s global relevance and Santa Marta’s attractiveness as a venue for international gatherings.

Attendees at the Colombian Congress of Pediatric Surgery had the opportunity to interact with students from two medical faculties in the city at the Fernando Troconis Hospital, with 100 students attending the Basic Notions in Pediatric Surgery Symposium free of charge. This academic space provided them with the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the surgical treatment of pediatric pathologies and opened doors for the training of general practitioners, pediatricians, and healthcare professionals interested in pediatric surgery.

Regarding knowledge transfer, several innovations were presented during the Colombian Congress of Pediatric Surgery. One of them was the introduction of new minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat common pediatric pathologies, which generated great interest among attendees. Additionally, advances in preoperative and postoperative management of pediatric patients were discussed, as well as new research in the field of neonatal and pediatric trauma surgery. These innovations promise to significantly improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes of pediatric patients in the future.

Santa Marta is consolidating itself as a destination for meetings and congresses thanks to its infrastructure, spirit of innovation and learning, and the positive economic impact generated by high-level events such as the Colombian Congress of Pediatric Surgery. This city offers not only natural beauty and culture but also an environment conducive to knowledge exchange and collaboration at national and international levels.